Wednesday, March 29, 2006

how it backfires ..

My frnd sent me a mail where u hafta keep looking at a pic n try 2 find a beautiful damsel .. n suddenly pops an ugly witch 2 scare u. this was written 2 describe tat pic; thanks 2 stella who sent it.

here it goes ..

Waitin along d glowin sand, i dreamt with heaved sighs,
About the darling damsel with flowing hair and glowing eyes!
Every passing minute was an eon dragging along,
When will she come, singing the same happy song?

My friend had said she saw her a few miles away,
Looking beyond the horizon, my thoughts were at bay.
The winds were kind to bring her smell to me,
Giving me happy hopes of setting my soul free.

Oh boy, then i saw her, she did come around,
Was I dreaming or was it the shaking ground?
She was nowhere near what my friend had said,
I wondered wat i did, here my fate had me led.

Getting together my senses, I talked with the witch,
"I was waiting for a dame, not you, dirty bitch!"
That's when she told me without a single hitch,
"You first mind your holes, your pants are out of stitch!"

ha ha ha!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How I wish am a Stateless Session Bean

How I wish am a Stateless Session Bean,
With a face so cute and a sense so keen.
No sweet memoirs to think 'n' cheer,
But more important,
No bad hurts to woe and fear.

How I wish am a stateless Session Bean,
With a face of smile and a robe of jean.
Get reset 'n' start afresh every time,
And hence,
Anger of the last state, I don't mime.

How I wish am a stateless Session Bean,
With a smell of rose and a beauty queen.
No carryovers or memory or false wrappers,
On the other hand,
Full of methods, all with useful purpose.

How I wish am a stateless Session Bean,
With a life of freak and an age of teen.
Harshness of yester gets lost after the end
And the today,

Will proceed with a happy new trend.

You name it ..

It's a lazy a'noon, I sit by a cozy bay;
You with the rosy bloom, Smiling all the way !!
The face that gleams, The touch so rare,
The happy ray beams, I know you care !!

Love can do wonders, as does time,
With my life, it does rhyme;
It can hurt, it can heal,
The power of love I do feel.

Joy and sorrow start in the same place,
As strange as love is also the case;
My heart leaps from dusk to dawn,
You are the rose and also its thorn.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Lady

The night was dark, tides high
Blue stars in the black sky
Shadows in the white sand,
Wish there is a lady to hold my hand.

As memories come back slow,
My blood rushes head to toe,
There is cold and frost in the land,
Wish there is a lady to hold my hand.

Then it happens like a dream,
I see the light, I see the gleam,
She dances to my melody band,
Wish there is that lady to hold my hand.

My soul rises, my spirits lift,
My murk dies, my eyes drift,
There is Zeal in every gland,
Wish there is that lady to hold my hand.

She goes across the green tree,
Spreading light all around me,
It dawns as she wades her wand,
Wish there is that lady to hold my hand.

The red ball rises across the vast,
And the gloom is now past,
Life takes on its way, as planned,
Wish there is that lady to hold my hand.

This too shall pass

Be it even a small issue,
When ur friend doesnt beleive you,
It gets hurt down to the tissue,
And you get so sick as flu.

When you feel stupid and guilty,
And know tz really not a mistake,
You feel yourself so filthy,
Coz your friendship is at stake.

It feels morbid, offending your friends,
When you know you didn mean to do it.
You juz intended somethin else to do,
But it led you both to this pit.

Juz know tiz wil dissolve like water n salt,
You get lost in the work and mass,
Let tiz time juz come to a halt,
For as usual, tiz too shall pass.

The IT highway

Fresh in the morn I start from home,
It's gonna b a ride to writhe and moan.
The traffic is too heavy to steer and brake,
When I reach my seat, am only half-awake.

IT-Highway is what they call it,
But even to be a lane, it's not fit.
The road is too bumpy, leave alone the board,
Ouch, on a second thought, is there a road?

Who will tell them it cannot take the traffic?
Everytime I travel tiz road, my pulsar is sick.
The share vans zoom across the way,
Insecure is my life even to this day.

To make matters worse is the rain water,
I lose my mind peace and laughter,
and the lorries and heavy trucks,
and the bad road, to them all, I say my yucks.

And as they keep working and dig and pop,
The traffic jam is never going to stop.
Someone save me this killing knife,
To her, then, will i owe my life.

trrring trrring

It was a moonlit night and there was this eerie noice,
I was trying to read and put out all my inner voice.
Tring Tring went the mobile, your name came on it,
It felt so good that my room was totally lit.

What did we speak, What was the time,
Who cares about it, Nothing else is worth a dime.
Voice could have magical effects on one,
It could be a killer too, no intended pun.

Friendship is a treasure, to be nurtured and grown,
It should not be insulted, for it may be thrown.
Friends are like roses, how much ever you tell,
The thorn can prick strong as the flower can smell.

It is more to give than to get, to forget all errors,
It is more than a wish to remove all terrors,
Enjoy life with your best buddies without any bitter,
For they are the ones who can make you better.

I am with you, whatever happens

Friends are not the same,
There are better times and there are worse,
They may be a bit lame,
It is true that it is both a boon and a curse.

Relax for it is time to let go,
If it belongs to you, it will be back.
There are things that are worth your bow,
Pick them up and fill your sack.

A shadow in the current,
just means a light around the corner.
The mind may be in a torrent,
but that doesn't mean you are a loner.

To the world, you may be someone,
but to someone, you are the world,
Just remember to believe in the one,
to whom you are the world.

It's okay to be feeling bad,
for it shows who really cares,
The heart may be feeling sad,
But go on to do what your aim dares.

You can reach heights not climbed yet,
You can become great, do not fret,
For life is after all a battle well fought,
One time it's so nice and the other time it's not.

I am with you, whatever happens.

Life goes on ...

When people go away from life,
We all know it is not for long,
Sooner or later, our paths shall cross,
And then we shall sing that happy song.

There may be fights, may be smiles,
In the end, it's all the miles
that have been travelled together,
Other things, Oh, don even bother.

It vanishes like mist in air,
What remains is the shown care,
So, watch for the words of knife,
When you row along the river called life.

So that is it, wait it out and see,
For there are aims to which we bind,
Leap into the vast blue sea,
Things unknown to the mind.

What you are to me

Your wink, the innocent smile,
I am caught in a spell.
Your smirk, the witty talk,
goes down my deep well.

Your warmth, the grace,
Is all I need.
Your embrace, the lovely face,
Is my happiness' seed.

Your love, the tender hands,
I shall always feel.
Your foot marks in the sands,
My heart, they seal.

Your zeal, the care you show,
I shall always see.
An angel with a lovely bow,
That's what you are to me.

Life is a process

Life is a process,
that humans evolved from nature.
Waste it not,
For it has a short stature.

It's worth not measurable,
We don't know if there is a second chance.
Life can be found anywhere,
from streams to sky to lawns.

Friends are the pillars,
that make life strong and high.
Waste not the time,
There are still peaks to fly.

Hurt them not,
For it is feelings that remain.
It is not the words told,
but untold that reach the brain.

Live life its way,
For there's always a better morrow,
It is always the friends,
who show the smile to remove thy sorrow.

I have learned ...

I have learned that
Friends are the treasure,that I can ever wish for;
For they are the milestones in my life.

I have learned that
If I understand friends change,I do not get hurt at all;
For only change is permanent.

I have learned that
However true a friend is,Sometimes, they do hurt me;
For only a true friend can hurt.

I have learned that
Absence is to love what wind is to fire,It extinguishes the small;
And enkindles the great.

I have learned that
My actions pay me back;Something I do for an instant,
Can haunt me for life.

I have learned that
Often people whom I expect, to kick me when I am down;
Are the ones who will get me up.

I have learned that
Even after hours of long walk,I walk faster;
Only after I think I can't go any further.

I have learned that
There are only three Words,That summarize our lives;
It goes on.

Ode to Balaji, My best friend

I wish you are here,
For loneliness I fear,
There is none near
That I consider dear.

You are so far away,
The distance is long.
Yet so close to heart,
Singing a happy song.

Miss you my friend,
Sad and happy moments a lot,
We know things do change,
But, friendship not.

I wish you are here,
To wipe away the tear.
There is none near,
That I consider dear.

Vazhkai (Tamil)

சிறு பிள்ளைகளாய் நாம் சிரித்த நாட்கள்,
சீறிப் பாய்ந்து செல்லும்.

பருவப் படிப்பும் பேசும் பெண்களும்,
பார்க்கும் போதே பிரியும்.

உண்ணும் உணவும் உலக அழகும்,
உந்தன் முன்னால் உருகும்.

கானல் நீரும் கிழிந்த காதலும்,
காலம் கழியக் கரையும்

Ennaval (Tamil)

வடிவான அவள் உருவம்,
மெலிதானதொரு சருமம்,
அன்போடு என் முன் ஒரு பெண்.

நூல் போல் அவள் இடைகள்,
மயில் போல் அவள் நடைகள்,
ஜாடை பேசும் இரு கண்.

விரல்கள் சுடும் குழல்கள்,
கரங்கள் எனும் மலர்கள்,
என் மனம் பாடும் ஒரு பண்.

இனிக்கும் இரு இதழ்கள்,
எனக்கு அவள் இலையேல்,
என் உடல் சேரும் இந்த மண்.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

what it is to love someone

Everyday you walk unto me,
And ask which is more important?
“Me or my happiness?”

I always answer the latter,
Whatever be the matter,
And you walk away in silence,
Smiles fading off in distance.

What you do not know is that,
Your happiness is mine too,
So is your sorrow, I love you,
that's love, whatever you do.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Review Corner - Pattiyal

The Crew
Cast: Pooja, Padmapriya, Arya, Bharat, Cochin Hanifa
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Producer: 'Punnagai Poo' Geeta
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lighting and Camera: Nirav shah
Dialogue: Raj Kannan
Editing: Sreekar Prasad

Vishnuvardhan seems to continue his winning streak from Arindhum Ariyamalum into Pattiyal and proves his class yet again. The movie launches the customer into a non-boring two-and-a-half-hour visual treat, the minimum requirement that most movies do not provide today. Pattiyal is a good attempt by the bold director, proving he can yet again handle an adept storyline into a movie worth watching.

The story might ring a few bells, it is an already walked lane - Anti-hero seems to be the favourite spot for young actors these days. Selva and kosi (Bharat and Arya respectively) are two street rogues, who are clever enough to cover their grounds, so they are not exposed as what they actually are, 'contract killers'. They are professional death dancers (dappan koothu). And to prove they are bad guys, Bharat smokes and Arya drinks throughout the movie. Little wonder, this actually upholds their hero image. The friendship between these two has been beautifully portrayed by the director and cameraman, who captures the emotions picture perfect.

The heroines do not have much role to play - Sandhya (Pooja) comes as the partner for Selva and Saroja (Padmapriya) for kosi. You will have some raised eyebrows in the theatre when the latter dances for an item song. There will be doubts in the mind if this was the same heroine who played in Cheran's Thavamai Thavamirundhu. Pooja has tried to act in some scenes and in the climax when Selva dies, she screams out for her critics to watch her acting.

Bharat has been scintillating in his performance, daring to tread in dangerous waters, choosing a different role yet again, deaf and dumb this time. He proves his credentials in many scenes - trying to convince Sandhya when she discovers him, all his murders, expressing his friendship for kosi etc. There is talent in this young lad and he will shape up well. Arya vaguely resembles his character in Arindhum Ariyamalum, portraying a character that drinks away to glory, knows no emotions till he actually gets to feel them with the heroine, and has provided some all round entertainment with his physique, style, dance and acting. There is scope for improvement, if he wishes to work hard and learn.

Sami (Cochin Hanifa) comes as a typical middleman, treacherous and un-trustworthy. His character has also been portrayed without flaw and he fits the job. The scenes where he introduces the rogues to using guns and how they pick up training themselves with it are worth an appreciation. Sappai (the boy in the tea shop) tries to be a very brief comedy relief in between scenes and there is no way someone forecasts he relieves Selva of his life in the end.

There are too many villains in the movie to name, including the heroes. The story hinges on the old but proven fact - violence kills everyone, including those who adopt it. Kosi dies in an encounter with a local garment factory owner, after he successfully vents out his vengenance by killing his lover's rapist. Selva, in the meantime, plots and carries out an excellent kill in Coimbatore, comes back only to learn of his dearest friend's murder and seeks out vengeance. Everyone dies in the end with a new contract killer (Sappai) emerging in the end with Sami's guidance. If murders are only as easy as this movie portrays, there will be more contract killers than there are software engineers in Bangalore and Chennai, put together. ;)

The camera has been used very effectively and the editing makes its mark. 'Punnagai Poo' Geeta has come out successful again. The music score goes well with the movie's theme though a lot more could have been done in this area, given Yuvan's talent. It is high time he starts making a few corrections in his tamil pronunciation. This movie is worth a watch, nothing obscene about it. Though violence plays a major role, it is not shown intolerable. People end up enjoying the subtlety in the rogues' hearts, the violence to which they naturally adhere to and the failure of love in the end. When one comes out of the theatre, there is one name in everyone's mind - Bharat. He has a long successful path ahead.

Pattiyal - Pattai Kilappal

Comments are welcome !!

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed above are purely my own and are not influenced by any external factor. No legal actions can be taken based on any opinion expressed above. Take it if you like it, else leave it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I, Me, Myself

Angels and Demons

Though it might be a bit late, I finished reading Angels and Demons only today. The plot of religious symbolism is pretty much the same as DaVinci Code, but what struck me was the idea of equality of God and Science.

Many points said in the book agreed with what I perceive as God. My blog Science, Nature and God talks about the same issues that Dan Brown addresses and I felt increasingly anxious as I read the initial pages. It was nice to know scientists like Galileo and artists like Bernini thought on the same line.

'God, Buddha, The Force, Yahweh, the Singularity, the Unicity point - call it whatever you like - the result is the same. Science and religion support the same truth - pure energy is the father of creation' - Dan Brown

Science, God and Nature are three parallel paths approaching the same unit source of light - the light that is bound in the cone governed by these 3 co-ordinates, the light which we are not meant to understand, the light which when understood makes us God! More about this here.

Angels and Demons might not be a page-turning thriller like DaVinci Code, but it definitely reinforced some of my beliefs.