Tuesday, April 17, 2007

iTunes - hell of a software

iTunes - wat a waste of a product from apple wen it comes to user experience! I have been struggling for quite sometime now to try to understand it, in vain. wat do the playlists do? how do you delete songs from d iPod? cant these things be wayyyy simpler, considerin the fact itunes is mandatory for using the iPod? sync functionality seems to be the hardest to understand. As a buyer, am paying al those bucks for the good audio quality that iPod boasts of, but when it comes to connecting it to my PC, i go blue!

iTunes sucks! i would like to use somethn easier for the money I pay.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Chennai Rains

Early monin -> 6.30 -> i stand in my balcony, wth a cup of coffee in my hand, not sure wat to look at -> tz prety much yellow for a normal sat monin -> suddenly, somethn frm space pops down on my bald head and i feel a chil of cold runnin down my spine -> a fresh RAIN DROP.

wat beter cud one ask for to start the day? Chennai is raining!!! yay yay yay! Do i even need to say more? lets keep smilin :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


man: isnt it unfair tat sm ppl r so hapy in life tho they havent done nythn 4r it and sm r so sad tho they deserve every bit of happiness?

voice: who sed lifez gona b fair? your very existence is by chance, so life isn't all tat predetermined and is definitely random. By all probablility, the chance of you being happy is less than one.

man: so why was i born then, if i don't serve a purpose?

voice: who said therez a purpose to ur life?

man: wel, i always thought so.

voice: hmmm, then there probably is.

man: u r confusin me

voice: oh, am i? wel, tats wat ppl always say, so tats nuthn new.

man: ok, so y aint i hapy now? am not sure if am sad, but i definitely aint happy.

voice: ask urself

man: arent u me?

voice: oh, am i?

man: now, u r confusin. shud i believe u exist?

voice: did i ever say i exist?

man: then who r you?

voice (mischievous): try to find out.

man: where?

voice: in you.

man: now, don gime tat, tat u exist inside me. i have filled myself with hate and they say god is love.

voice: one, who said am god? two, who said god is love? three, who are they?

man: you are good at asking questions, but answering is the tougher part. i thot here i am to ask questions and you came to answer.

voice: you think what you want. i did not come, i am always here.

man: where?

voice: here

man: huh, you are so tuf. ok, teme y ppl suffer?

voice: i don have an answer to tat. i thnk tz juz d way they live.

man: u don have an answer to tat? then u arent god.

voice: who said am god?

man: i thot so.

voice: did i ask you to think so?

man: ok, am wrong. but ...

voice (interruptin): have u ever been right?

man: i do not know.

voice: tz gud u r able to accept tat. not many mortals around thnk tat way.

man: oh, so u r immortal, as they say?

voice: ok, i have an answer for tat. i die with you, i aint immortal. and i have a question for tat, who are they?

man: i duno, tz juz they - my teachers, parents, people arnd me. they are the THEY.

voice: do u kno they all have voices inside? to which they are always answerable and they are never able to answer?

man: why?

voice: because they are all hypocrites.

man: am i too?

voice: are you?

man: i thnk so

voice: then u r.

man: is it wrong?

voice: wat is wrong? there isnt nythn called wrong or rite in life. tz juz d way u live and answer ur voice.

man: ok, v r movin frm d topic. y is life unfair?

voice: life is a chance, none said tz gona b fair.

man: do u thnk fallin in love is wrong?

voice: wat do u thnk?

man: i thnk it is.

voice: i agree. u shud always raise in love.

man: oh, tat bulshit? ok, do u thnk raisin in love is wrong?

voice: wat do u thnk?

man: i don thnk therez anythn called raisin in love. ppl only fall.

voice: have u fallen?

man: am getn up.

voice: gud

man: so?

voice: so?

man: y aint i able 2 sleep? y am i writin crap like d blog before this? i kno it isnt too rhyming, i kno tz al fuckshit, but y do i write?

voice: coz u cant always speak.

man: y cant i?

voice: coz other voices hear.

man: voices HEAR? i ddn kno tat.

voice: wel, they do. wen voices speak, people raise in love. wen people become untrue, they fall in love.

man: whch is beter?

voice: raising in love.

man: then y did i fall?

voice: other voices.

man: so, voices arent always gud?

voice: who said they are gud? remember the life is unfair thing?

man: o yea, so wat hapens 2 me?

voice: u juz move on n cary me wth u.

man: wil u b there always?

voice: as long as u can hear me.

man: til wen?

voice: til people listen to their voices, til they behave. til worlds dont discriminate. til people smile at each other, til enemies love, til u thnk lifez unfair. after tat, u don need me.

man: ok, wen wil tat b?

voice: i duno, remember u duno if am god.

man: u kno?

voice: al i kno is am not immortal.

man: so, u agree life is unfair?

voice: i wil leave it 2 urself to answer tat. one day, wen u cal out n i don answer, kno then, life has become fair. til tat, toil but live. and believe in charles darwin. d fittest survives.

man: gud nite

voice: whew! zzzzzzzzz ....