Sunday, March 26, 2006

trrring trrring

It was a moonlit night and there was this eerie noice,
I was trying to read and put out all my inner voice.
Tring Tring went the mobile, your name came on it,
It felt so good that my room was totally lit.

What did we speak, What was the time,
Who cares about it, Nothing else is worth a dime.
Voice could have magical effects on one,
It could be a killer too, no intended pun.

Friendship is a treasure, to be nurtured and grown,
It should not be insulted, for it may be thrown.
Friends are like roses, how much ever you tell,
The thorn can prick strong as the flower can smell.

It is more to give than to get, to forget all errors,
It is more than a wish to remove all terrors,
Enjoy life with your best buddies without any bitter,
For they are the ones who can make you better.


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