Wednesday, March 29, 2006

how it backfires ..

My frnd sent me a mail where u hafta keep looking at a pic n try 2 find a beautiful damsel .. n suddenly pops an ugly witch 2 scare u. this was written 2 describe tat pic; thanks 2 stella who sent it.

here it goes ..

Waitin along d glowin sand, i dreamt with heaved sighs,
About the darling damsel with flowing hair and glowing eyes!
Every passing minute was an eon dragging along,
When will she come, singing the same happy song?

My friend had said she saw her a few miles away,
Looking beyond the horizon, my thoughts were at bay.
The winds were kind to bring her smell to me,
Giving me happy hopes of setting my soul free.

Oh boy, then i saw her, she did come around,
Was I dreaming or was it the shaking ground?
She was nowhere near what my friend had said,
I wondered wat i did, here my fate had me led.

Getting together my senses, I talked with the witch,
"I was waiting for a dame, not you, dirty bitch!"
That's when she told me without a single hitch,
"You first mind your holes, your pants are out of stitch!"

ha ha ha!


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