Saturday, September 17, 2005

The 'it'

Probably, it is one of those feelings that will make you want more. Probably, it is one of those feelings that you do not mind going through pain. Probably it is one of those feelings that will bump the geese. Probably it is one of those feelings that will make you realize you are sitting in heaven. Probably …

The list can go on. It was 6 in the morning, very early for the usual time I wake up. Waking up early in the morning always makes me go blue as it has its own disadvantages. It makes the day longer. It makes the night shorter. It makes you devoid of sleep. It means you have to push yourself through the morning snow. It means you have to look at a number of sleeping humans – and burn with jealousy. But this morning there was nothing I could do but wake up. The mobile! It did vibrate. And I couldn’t sleep after that. The good morning message was too early and did not let me close my eyes.

I brushed as fast as I could but was careful not to forget the inner side of my teeth. That is where I gain preference over the other men who forget the back of their teeth and leave the mouth stinking for the day. It is also one source of decay – The bacteria on the back of teeth. But I learned the skill early in my childhood and made it a practice - Never forget the back of your teeth!

I did not look up at the mirror as I wanted to start my day staring at a nice face – probably my girl friend’s but she was living in her home, with her parents. If she had been there with me, I would prefer waking up much earlier and play (some board games, not anything else) with her in the mornings. Back to point, I did not look into my face, as usual, and continued scraping my teeth with the 20 cm stick called toothbrush.

After the toothbrush had its final bath, I managed to find a towel in the remains of my home. That’s the shape it is in right now. None other than those who know which rooms, vaults and doors are at the right places can find the answer to the maze formed by my abode. All the furniture and articles are in wrong places and any archaeologist can find how dinosaurs bred themselves or how homosapiens evolved from the mess called my home - All this because some painters are now at work and there is no other go but to let them do it.

I am quick at bath because I perform only one simple activity inside - Bath. No singing or other extra-curricular activities. Unless I am washing my hair (and in a few years, there will be no necessity to do so! I am losing them), I finish my bath in approximately 5 minutes and 37 seconds. That is the exact time I took today, hardly missing on my daily mark. You could have noted that I missed it in the middle – simply because, I, indeed, missed it.

That’s the whole point. I simply can’t make myself do the it, when I wake up early. Timing must be perfect to get the bullet out and 7 or 7.30 is the ideal time. Not a penny more, not a penny less. I had to force myself to put on the formals I abhor wearing. Not having done the it made matters worse. The belt was tighter than usual. I managed to start the bike, ride through the traffic, restless all the while. I did not know if it will make its appearance in office. I did not know if I will be relieved of this mental torture. I did not know if I will be able to sit in my place at peace.

With all these disturbing thoughts in mind, I reached office after having attempted to fall twice, banged 3 other bikes, scowled at 15 people for attempting to commit suicide in front of my bike and looked at atleast 47 girls (I never miss that!). The first feeling of it came when I was in the lift, along with this beautiful girl. Alone with a girl in a closed lift – it is possible to do what-so-ever you think now - only in movies. We are expected to maintain professional courtesy – tell an ‘Excuse me’, if you sneeze; smile at unknown faces; behave decent (none knows what that is, but everyone does that); and so on. So, having missed one more chance in life, I slogged to my chair and switched on the monitor.

Lo! The world of computers. And there was nothing to do. No mails, no messages, no work! I thumbed through some documents that were outdated, and then looked around me. There were none. This is the problem of being punctual – no one is there to notice it. Never-the-less, I prayed to God for it to come because that was the only thought in my mind and the material in my body; the thought process is temporarily halted and you cannot think of anything else, if you have not done the it in the morning.

So, I went to have a coffee – the best stimulant known as a catalyst for it. And came back, sat in my seat, fighting the sensation. At last, the real motivation was there, the push that you wait for, the knocking at the door. It was heavenly even before I could leave the seat. I felt as though I have been given an invitation to watch a live show by Britney (A musical performance is what I mean, you mean-minded peacock). I rushed, dropped how much ever I can in my desk, went to the rest room, and closed the door behind me.

And then I realized. Probably, it is one of those feelings that will make you want more. Probably, it is one of those feelings that you do not mind going through pain. Probably it is one of those feelings that will bump the geese. Probably it is one of those feelings that will make you realize you are sitting in heaven. Probably …

Thayir Sadham (Tamil)

enakena oru thayir sadham engo pirandhiruppal .. ippodhu aval kovilil bajanai paadi kondirupal .. nan thoda pogum samayathil "iyyo theetu, kulichutela" enbal .. nan pasithirukum velaiyile ennai kaaka vaithu koviluku senru viduval .. nan thoongiya pin veedu vandhu en kal thotu panival .. en arugil padukkamal kattil keezhe paduthu nan ezhum munbu ezhundhu kovil senru viduval .. idhellam nadandhu vidumo enra bayathil vaazhndhu kondirupavan nan ..

kaalaiyil aval mun nan ezhundhu coffee poda vendum .. avalai ezhupi nan paadhi aval paadhi kudika vendum .. onraga kulika vendum .. nan maari aval maari mutha mazhai pozhiya vendum .. piriyaa vidaiyaga iruvarum velaiku sella vendum .. 6 mani eppozhudhu varum enru vaadi uruga vendum .. veetuku varum bodhe muthathodu vara vendum .. serndhu samaika vendum .. en meedhu aval amarndhu tholai-kaatchi paarka vendum .. uravadi muditha pin en mel paduthu en thol saaya vendum .. uranga vendum .. ippadi oru vaazhkai amaya vendum enru aasai padubavan naan ..

irandirkum evvalavu dhooram? Irandirkum evvalavu vidhyasam? kaalam badhil koorum …