Saturday, May 09, 2009


Well, I went on AIR yesterday. Not in the parachute way, AIR here is All India Radio. I recited some of my tamil poems in the Bangalore AM 'Sneha Bharati' programme.

It was a wonderful experience. First of sorts, seeing the audio visual controls, I couldn't believe it was happening. The recording went through fine with the first take last month, and when I heard it yesterday, it was initially funny listening to my own voice broadcasted over the radio. But then, I got used to it, so I hope about the other listeners too :).

Anyway, it was a wonderful experience; a good break from an otherwise monotonous Bangalore life.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

வணக்கம் உலகம்

புறம் வகை வணக்கம்
        புறம் தன்னிலை காலி முக்கியம்(வார்த்தை[] வாதங்கள்)
                அமைப்பு.வெளியே.சொல்கூறு("வணக்கம் உலகம்");