Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks to my CTS colleagues

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These are my heart-felt words and I request you all to spend a few minutes reading this.

Working in Cognizant was a dream-come-true experience for me. For two years in college, I had been aspiring to get into this then-small American company, with a cutting edge on market-hold and master of leading technologies in the industry. I have now seen my dream-company rise to glory in front of my eyes and it was a savoring experience.

I have absolutely no regrets in the past two years that have been filled with fun and learning, blended together. There could have been no better place to celebrate work and the rich memories I carry with me will last my lifetime. The Manlog day trip to Pune, the countless luncheons with my friends and managers, the fun-filled treats and outings that I have participated in, the client visits for which I have contributed more than just ideas, have all been a rich learning experience for me.

Lots to mention, all these would not have been possible without continuous support from my superiors and managers. These are people who have guided a young mind fresh out of college and molded it to seek knowledge and grow. In return, I promise to keep up the good work that I have been doing and contribute to this industry and technology in all possible means.

It is worthy to mention a few people whom I think stand out as beacon lights in my pursuing path to glory.

Mr. Rajesh Balaji Ramachandran has been a very effective administrator and an efficient manager. For the six months that I have been associated with you, you have continued to impress me as an individual and a professional. We share a special relationship as junior-senior (me, obviously, the former J) in College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University.

Mr. Nirav Patel, the manager, and later, the senior manager to whom I looked up for anything and everything official has been a … well, I cannot think of words. You are one of the best managers I have worked and will ever work with and have kindled in me a ravishing desire to be a manager myself soon. It is apt to say you have been and are my benchmark!

Mr. Badri Ramanujachari has been with me through my thick and thin times and has been a constant source of hope and a terrific manager. The training that we underwent for TIBCO business works have been mutually beneficial and I would look forward to this gentleman (gentle man too J) as a source of inspiration.

Mr. Mahesh Venkataraman was a person I looked up to for technical challenges and a smiling face. Your ideas and suggestions for problems that I could not crack have been more than splendid.

Mr. Natarajan Balasubramanian has been an excellent manager and helped me fit into 3M in minimal time period. Working with you for the past six months has been excellent and helped me groom myself for challenges at work.

Mr. Frank Jegannath Antonysamy is a man of giant stature (pun, un-intended J) in confidence and skills. I have always seen him calm and relaxed and his very presence elucidates confidence and inspires people to work. Kudos!

Mr. Raja Sankar was my first reporting manager and I owe my enthusiastic levels to you. You have been a guiding friend! First time in field work, a crude mind looks for support, and you have been more than just that for me.

Mr. Suji Vasavan and Mr. Kiran Kumar Bachu have been enlightening managers who continuously and successfully pushed me towards delivery management and skill development.

Mr. Kumaran Narayanaswamy and Mr. Thiyagarajan Shanmugam have been my immediate source of answers and solace. I did my engineering in the same alma mater as you did and you would always stay close to my heart.

Mr. Anandkumar Babu has been my project leader in EWCD and has helped me face challenges and issues in the project with confidence. You have helped me learn Websphere Portal Server in a very short span of time and have been very good in providing solutions.

Mr. Pradeep Kumaar Karunakaran was my project lead for Load Planning and from you, I learned that projects could be led with a terrific attitude and go-easy way. Your efforts to solve the issues we faced and provide solutions are commendable.

And my friends, Dev, Naveen, Siva, Rathna, Bharat and Jayasree; But for these people’s constant belief in me and encouragement, I doubt if my two years would have been as pleasant and successful as they actually are.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the efforts you all have spent on me, and my heart-filled elation for having acquainted you all in my professional life. My last day in Cognizant is 22nd February, 2006. I am pursuing a career path in life that I believe is aligned with my career goals, and would be joining Oracle Corporation in Bangalore soon.

My personal e-mail id is and I will keep in touch with all of you through this surely. I request you to keep me abreast with improvements and milestones in your life as well.

Thanks for your time. I sincerely hope and wish our paths will cross sometime in the future again, in our common pursuit for excellence.

Keep smilin,