Friday, October 07, 2005

Science, Nature and God

I believe God, Science and Nature are all one. We can see and perceive only 3 co-ordinates that do not bind even one of these. There is a fourth or may be a bigger co-ordinate region where all three intermingle and entwine as one without conflicts.

I am of the opinion that we haven’t mastered science fully yet. Rather, it is appropriate to say we can’t. When man invented wheel and fire, he thought that was his ultimate invention. When steam engines came up, it revolutionized science. Were we content? No, we went on to bring about Industrial Revolution and invented machines that could do wonders. Were we content? No, we went on to build chips and IC's so that we can do all jobs at ease. Were we content? No, we went on to the Internet and mobiles where we thought the world is a global village. Were we content? Well, only time will tell. Theories will come. Theroies will go. One gets proved 2day and disproved tomorrow. None is satisfied with science in its present form because we don’t understand it. Even if we feel we understood, it's only a perception. No tangible proofs exist. We say electrons flow. We also say no electrons are holes. We also say holes flow. When there is nothing materialistic in a hole, how can it flow? Yet, we believe in it and we continue to use the theory. We will continue to keep thinking about it and we will still not understand.

I am of the opinion that we can’t manipulate nature. Rather, it manipulates us. Nothing in this world can be unnatural. Because nature has the power to make life and to destroy it; just as God and Science can. We kill trees and call it deforestation. How long? Before it kills us. What is this 'it'? It is the nature. If you have seen only green trees and smiling flowers and haven’t yet seen the destructive power of nature, come with me once to Kodai. I will take you to a few places where you can feel the eeriness inside you - the vast vacuum, the deep pits and holes and the ugly face of nature. I realized these only during my last trip and my feet still trembles when I think about the vast openness that was there before me. The vastness that can eat up every person in this world. Nature can endure your activities only with in a certain limit. If it feels you are not fit to live, you are roasted meat. What do you think we are born for? What do you think our purpose is? One, to live and two, to keep our species alive. Once nature thinks you are not fit for these, it eliminates you. Science proves this. It says, with age, the pheromones (the hormone within a man or woman that makes him/her attractive to the opposite sex) diminish. Why? From a natural perspective, this is because, even if an old man attracts another, he won’t be able to do what he was born for - To develop his species. You may ask why does he have to live at all? That’s to maintain the balance in species. Sometimes the number of living entities determines the power of your species. For example, if you consider the mating of a dog, the male dog and the female dog roam around together even after the mating is finished (hope you get what I am saying). It’s not only because something gets stuck. It’s nature at play. Nature causes the male dog not to free itself because there is a chance another species of dog may intervene and fertilize its sperm. This causes the whole act of the first male dog, a waste. If the number in that species goes down, the species will be extinct. So a man lives to 100 though he loses his sexual ability at around 70. The same nature provides you with vast greenness and beautiful flowers only because you will not understand it. We will continue to keep thinking about it and we will still not understand.

I am of the opinion that we can’t understand God. Because then we will be God. (‘Anbe Sivam’ and ‘Baba’ are two perfect films that project these views. unfortunately, very few understood it. I think both are superb films by two superstars). There is a super power, which we call as God that does some activities that an ordinary human cannot understand. Our quench to search for God will never subside. Our attempts to understand ‘it’ will never reduce. Just like the absence of life is death, the absence (ignorance) we have in understanding that power is what that separates man and the power. We cannot call death as the opposite of life. Because we don’t know what is on the other side. We call it the absence of life because we say life is in moving, smiling, speaking and in breathing. Absence of these causes a body to become a corpse, life to convert itself to death. Both are two linked phenomenon. We still do not know if one exists within the other. It’s up to that superpower to decide whether life is to follow death or vice versa. Some people may laugh at this fact of me referring to ‘it’ as a superpower but I feel it exists within us. If you sit alone in a room, close your eyes and try to see within yourself, you can see a lot of colors in front of your eyes. You can feel a rising tension within yourself. You can try to place your body parts by identifying where they are but still you can feel there is something inside yourself that you cannot exactly locate or place. Why? If everything inside you is like your hands and legs, why can’t you place it? That is what I call the super power. The power within you that fuels your thoughts and causes your actions. First of all, we have to accept that throughout our life, we are in search of something. We may term it as money, as food, as happiness but we aren’t fully satisfied with the answer. There is still something that is outside your thought process that you cannot understand. We will continue to keep thinking about it but we will not understand.

If you have reached till here, I will summarize.

Our light cone restricts us to think and act only within its limits. It’s a perfectly convex surface (or the other way? I really have forgotten mathematics). The result of your thoughts and actions fall within its scope only. But the acts of nature viz-a-viz science viz-a-viz God are not bounded by any light cone. So we cannot understand it. If we do, we become the 'it'. The very fact that we invent theories, disprove them and again reinvent another explanation for a concept proves it. We will never be satisfied with the explanations we have and will keep disproving them and re-explaining them. The quest will never end. If it ends, you have reached Mother Nature (alias) Science (alias) God.


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This article is written wonderfully well. It is pretty good and interesting to see the way you have interlinked God-Nature-Science.

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