Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winged Warriors

Roach Roach Cockroach Cockroach wherever you turn,
Don't they run, Don't they hide, quite very stubborn!
Stare at me with moustaches that look like long long guns,
Strike at me with speed of light from sides and backs and fronts.

One beneath the kitchen stove ate my potatoes,
While one behind the bathroom door kept me on my toes.
Hither Tither fast they crawl once they see the moon,
And before I know them all, are in every room.

Warriors from the Jupiter sent over space,
To kill my peace and vanish leaving no trace;
Floated across to earth in masses, brown and bright,
Souls of menace who know no fright,
Turning dreams into nightmares,
Crawling on my skin all through night.

Chut blows the broom, Whoosh sprays the Hit,
Tup beats the Sandals, they don't move a bit,
But mock at me with a sneer in their face,
Skimper across rocking along with no disgrace.

In the bag, on the floor, over the bathroom sink,
Wardrobe, slippers, pipes and tubes, all in their link,
Zig Zag Zoom they spread slow but look at them, oh my!
Crawling cockroaches are better than their friends that fly,
I give up my fight even before it begins and cry and cry and cry.

After all is done and said,
White blood is thicker than red!
And of all lives max and min,
I know which convinced Charles Darwin;
The Survival of the fittest!
For these are the best!

And if one day humans reach the end of their story,
Cockroaches will outlive them till beyond glory!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

And We Say We Are Broad Minded ..

.. Not-Conservative state, huh?