Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why KB would love VTV

  • The girl is older than the guy.
  • The girl is basically very confused and confusing.
  • The girl has the guts to stop her marriage just before "I do".
  • The girl doesn't marry the guy eventually, inspite of stopping one marriage for him.
  • The girl is ravishingly beautiful.
  • The guy is very stylish and down-to-earth, bordering on being pshycic at times.
  • The guy is a sweet-talker.
  • The guy is horny most of the time (and yea, Simbu fits).
  • The guy and the girl kiss on screen, and are just short of making out.
  • The movie is 2.5 hours of practicality, in which about 45 minutes is overkill.
  • Dialogs are nothing short of being splendid.
  • Music is genius (so is the musician).
  • Things could have turned out the other way at any time of the movie.
  • You confuse if it's actually happening, or is it your imagination, or hey wait, is it the character's?
  • There is eventually another guy/girl in the main characters' life - Pure KB stuff.
  • The movie is a tragedy at the end, but you don't feel sad. The heart just feels heavier.

Gautham has directed the perfect prequel to "Avargal". (give and take a few)

For the ignorant
KB: K Balachander, VTV: Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya

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