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Review Corner - Pattiyal

The Crew
Cast: Pooja, Padmapriya, Arya, Bharat, Cochin Hanifa
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Producer: 'Punnagai Poo' Geeta
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lighting and Camera: Nirav shah
Dialogue: Raj Kannan
Editing: Sreekar Prasad

Vishnuvardhan seems to continue his winning streak from Arindhum Ariyamalum into Pattiyal and proves his class yet again. The movie launches the customer into a non-boring two-and-a-half-hour visual treat, the minimum requirement that most movies do not provide today. Pattiyal is a good attempt by the bold director, proving he can yet again handle an adept storyline into a movie worth watching.

The story might ring a few bells, it is an already walked lane - Anti-hero seems to be the favourite spot for young actors these days. Selva and kosi (Bharat and Arya respectively) are two street rogues, who are clever enough to cover their grounds, so they are not exposed as what they actually are, 'contract killers'. They are professional death dancers (dappan koothu). And to prove they are bad guys, Bharat smokes and Arya drinks throughout the movie. Little wonder, this actually upholds their hero image. The friendship between these two has been beautifully portrayed by the director and cameraman, who captures the emotions picture perfect.

The heroines do not have much role to play - Sandhya (Pooja) comes as the partner for Selva and Saroja (Padmapriya) for kosi. You will have some raised eyebrows in the theatre when the latter dances for an item song. There will be doubts in the mind if this was the same heroine who played in Cheran's Thavamai Thavamirundhu. Pooja has tried to act in some scenes and in the climax when Selva dies, she screams out for her critics to watch her acting.

Bharat has been scintillating in his performance, daring to tread in dangerous waters, choosing a different role yet again, deaf and dumb this time. He proves his credentials in many scenes - trying to convince Sandhya when she discovers him, all his murders, expressing his friendship for kosi etc. There is talent in this young lad and he will shape up well. Arya vaguely resembles his character in Arindhum Ariyamalum, portraying a character that drinks away to glory, knows no emotions till he actually gets to feel them with the heroine, and has provided some all round entertainment with his physique, style, dance and acting. There is scope for improvement, if he wishes to work hard and learn.

Sami (Cochin Hanifa) comes as a typical middleman, treacherous and un-trustworthy. His character has also been portrayed without flaw and he fits the job. The scenes where he introduces the rogues to using guns and how they pick up training themselves with it are worth an appreciation. Sappai (the boy in the tea shop) tries to be a very brief comedy relief in between scenes and there is no way someone forecasts he relieves Selva of his life in the end.

There are too many villains in the movie to name, including the heroes. The story hinges on the old but proven fact - violence kills everyone, including those who adopt it. Kosi dies in an encounter with a local garment factory owner, after he successfully vents out his vengenance by killing his lover's rapist. Selva, in the meantime, plots and carries out an excellent kill in Coimbatore, comes back only to learn of his dearest friend's murder and seeks out vengeance. Everyone dies in the end with a new contract killer (Sappai) emerging in the end with Sami's guidance. If murders are only as easy as this movie portrays, there will be more contract killers than there are software engineers in Bangalore and Chennai, put together. ;)

The camera has been used very effectively and the editing makes its mark. 'Punnagai Poo' Geeta has come out successful again. The music score goes well with the movie's theme though a lot more could have been done in this area, given Yuvan's talent. It is high time he starts making a few corrections in his tamil pronunciation. This movie is worth a watch, nothing obscene about it. Though violence plays a major role, it is not shown intolerable. People end up enjoying the subtlety in the rogues' hearts, the violence to which they naturally adhere to and the failure of love in the end. When one comes out of the theatre, there is one name in everyone's mind - Bharat. He has a long successful path ahead.

Pattiyal - Pattai Kilappal

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