Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Think-Tank

I was bathing in haste to get ready for the thursday tennish meeting when it struck. It made me swerve, it made me stop scrapping myself. That is when I realized how much we take things for granted and never give a thought about why something is the way it is. I couldn't soap myself in peace after that. The rose bottomless pit looked at me with such audacity that I was transported into a world of trance. Why have I never even considered so much as the name of this beauty that serves me day after day after day without fail? This happens to be the best five minutes of heaven and pleasure that we derive almost as a birth right everyday, but do we ever give as much as an eye-wink at it? Thank it for the impeccable unconditional love with which it has served us?

The pink potty has been sitting there, steady and soft, gulping blob after blob of shit for more than an year now. But it has never made me think so much like it did on this rusty thursday. May be, it was the rose odonil I bought yesterday to keep others' stink away (self never stinks!). As the rose fragrance floated across the bathroom, I suddenly found myself lost in thoughts as this eternal question popped up in my mind - Why is 'kakoos' called 'kakoos'?

As deep as I can think and remember, I still cannot pin on any word in tamil that ends with the 'oos' sound or the 's' sound. 'Dharboos' is probably one word, but that's a short form of 'Dharboosani'. 'Pattas' and 'Tappas' again are words pronounced after removing the 'u' sound at the end. So why then is this word pronounced as 'kakoos' with such preciseness and ease? Who is the genius behind this masterpiece?

I had finished my bath (both 'body bath' and 'khara bath') when I decided to put this question on to my roomie. He was equally stumped. After some serious thinking, he suggested it is not a tamil word, but english. I googled up for it, but all I could find was a restuarant named Ralph and Kacoos in Lousiana. (Am sure tamilians in Lousiana frequent this restuarant :P).

Gtalking with a friend led to another idea that was actually just forming in my mind. Probably the name has a baby-orientation to it. Kakoos is, after all, to be taken care of like a child. Down south, Peeing is more commonly known as 'kakka pordhu'. So the name could actually be a thanglish word: Kakka + Ooze = Kakooze aka Kakoos. That's the best equation I and my gtalk friend could formulate in the short time we had to discuss this mind-bogglin' issue. Though it has a loose-motion connotation to it (the oozing part), the name probably thickened as time grew.

Has it got to do something with 'Jacuzzi'? May be! I have no pointers to proceed on this investigation. So, I am calling out to ye all, the fellow human beings, to discuss in the comments section of this blog about the possible origins of this name. After all it is about our own tender 'kakoos' that we invariably, definitely, forcefully, purposefully, enthusiastically spend time with, everyday of our life. Kakoos is definitely an intellectualy stimulating spot to sit on, I have struck upon so many solutions to my everyday problems sitting on this hot oven. Hopefully, I will get the enlightenment about the origin of the name tomorrow morning!

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Blogger Sadagopan said...

I searched web and found this word: Caucus

Caucus: a meeting of party members within a legislative body to select leaders and determine strategy.

Arasiyal oru sakadainu solrathala athukum ithukum link kuduthu vachutangalo [thinks] :)

12:13 AM  
Blogger santhana said...

Dai... Sada sonnaan.. nee romba yosichi..ellaraiyum senthil la vida mosamaa kelvi kettu kalaaikurenu..

Ithu too much da.. Kakoos oda name origin vechi enada research??!!

Naarathamaa yosika aarambichite nee..

1:35 AM  
Blogger Tsu said...

okie naan rombha laan yosikalle.. but kaka and vade kathai ketirukkele??? this is the story afterwards:
"dramatic music"
the kaka somehow gotto the vade and ate it. now full kannu patadhunaale adhukku odambhu serile(stomach problem!!!)so they had to put oosi... the kaaka was young so scared of whn the docs pokedhim with it he said "kaakaku oosi podrange" but it was muffled and cameout as Kakoooss...
vuryvury baaadd!!! HIS story nammayenna panna mudiyum??? hehehe

6:16 AM  
Blogger sravan said...

anoon late-a ezhundhu mazhai nradhala veliya poga mudiyama ukkandhu ivlo yosichirukiya nee? nevertheless, as long as i get some origin 4r d name, am hapy :D. kaka + oosi = kakoosi aka kakoos ?? he he he ..

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Jagannath A said...

you guys should be given more work :P :P :P

9:56 PM  
Blogger Prakash said...

ok my two cents...

in tamil, there is a term closely linked to your analysis, which is "கழிவு கூடம்". now you know where the 'க' and 'கூ' came from. 'ஸ்' was probably derived from the hissing sounds associated with the actual process :-)

4:08 AM  
Blogger sravan said...

idhu enna steam engine-a? 's' sound process la vara? :P. neway, tiz seems 2 b d closest possible explanation so far. probably 's' is 2 denote d plural form of kakoo?? :P

6:18 AM  
Anonymous Gatt said...

adaa adaa adaa.. pasanga ennamaa yosikka aarambichutaanunga.. kekkarthukkey naaraasama irukkey daa!!

12:36 AM  
Anonymous nank said...

sravan un blogga padichiku vairu kalakudhu.

3:27 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

Dei... Unnalam ippadi yoosika sollaradhu yaaruda??? (ahem)


10:37 PM  
Blogger madhumathi said...

dei blore la ukkandhu indha velai dan pakkariya.... un roomies romba paavam da... nway good ques but badhil tellidu...

1:49 AM  

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