Wednesday, May 02, 2007

iknocks'ed out

There are some things that are damn good when you try them out, and then, there are things that you don even wana talk abt. So after many many attempts, I am writing this e-mail in frustration and instead of mailing them about it, thought will blog it, for public's perview and comments. I have sent this link to inox, hope they are looking at it, if they really do have some people to check their emails and follow up.


Hi guys out there,

Has the e-ticketing at inox for chennai ever worked? Ever since it opened in Chennai, I have tried for 64390373209221 number of times including about 47 vain attempts some 15 minutes back to book tickets here

I get only two standard error messages all the time that I know them by-heart now.

We seem to be having a problem connecting to our online ticketing system.
This is most likely a temporary issue. Please try again after 5 minutes.


Tickets are not available for this show. Please choose some other ..

Well, it happens that the 'try again' in the first message is a link and clicking on it takes me to a BLANK PAGE. All I see is a white monitor screen.

I seriously doubt if my broadband bandwidth is taken for granted. Is this some joke or are you guys having serious problems with the site maintenance? Am sure you have paid a fortune to whichever 'ABC Technologies' that developed this site, and are still paying them for maintaining it. I would like to take the liberty to suggest you guys to get some work out of them for the money paid.

I would now have to come all the way to Chennai Citi Center to get a coupla tickets for spiderman this weekend in the scorching heat, but would still do it coz tz worth it, considerin the competition for tickets. Please make things easier for customers when you have an e-ticketing option as an alternative. Otherwise, there is always satyam or mayajaal but these seem to have their own problems 2, tho they work most of the times .......

keep smilin,


You can now add your comments in the comment section if you have been iknocks'ed out before. I would be the happiest if I see someone here who has succeeded in their attempts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I have always booked my inox tickets online & have always suceeded. Infact i have found it very simple and convenient. Sure the telebooking number is busy at times but the experience of watching a movie at inox is completly worth it. Haripriya - Chennai

4:19 AM  
Blogger sravan said...

wow, tats surprising and makes me blow a whistle. more takers here? i wish i cud get thro ONCE.

n worth watching? tat, am not sure. watched only one movie - ghost rider there. wasnt a gr8 experience, it was similar 2 innovative in bangalore. but juz a movie is 2 early 4r a comment in tat regard.

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't say watching the film is worth its cost in INOX. Satyam is the best at fairly lesser rate(exclude the fare of Seasons or Signature; but they are worth the money)..

I can bet dat the fx are not as good as it is in Satyam Cineplex

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The websitez workin fine. u maybe rite abt the competition for tkts for spiderman (thus the 'tckts not avail' msg) bt i guess tz the all-e-ticketin-sites-are-perfect-on-all-comps myth tatz taken fr granted. neway, u alwayz hve the 64390373209222nd time. so, gud luck!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Singaravelavan said...

Hey machi, BTW , what is Inox? i have never heard of it when i was in Chennai?

11:59 AM  
Blogger sravan said...

all-e-ticketin-sites-are-perfect-on-all-comps myth - never heard of tat, tho i can make out its meanin frm d way tz coined. afaik, sites r dependent not on the comps but on the browser.

i have tried it frm a variety of browsers tho IE and firefox r d 2 most widely used ones - without success again. lets not talk abt firefox coz half d scripts written arnd d world do not work there - taken for granted! i do not think this is a technical problem, coz there are some users who claim it works. so wat is against me gettin it 4r 64390373209221 times? and on wat belief shud i dare to try 4r 64390373209222nd time? al natural probability theories i have learnt so far push me against it.

8:04 PM  
Blogger devikala said...

Hey sravan even I tried 2 book ticket online for the whole day enakum e-ticket kadaikala:-( after that i called my friend to check for the same and i got it.I think
during night time this site is working fine........

1:42 AM  

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