Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Marina

The night sky hugs the unknowing dusk,
strong and gripping ..
Waters of Marina cooling the shore,
It is here that life beckons the souls,
Twilights twinkle and tidel waters adore.

Churning lighthouse reminds a giant eye,
watching and blessing ..
Tiny feet let loose on the seamless sand,
The wind freshens the mind for the week next,
Wiping the past, rewriting with a capable hand.

Vendors sell peanuts to the hearts adrift,
light and strong ..
The Albatross flight guiding the ship and its crew,
Raging city far behind with sounds so faint,
Kites colouring the sky - green, orange and blue.

The ideal spot for the weekend,
for families and love ..
The Marina stands at the shore of the bay,
Spreading unity that brings feel to its water,
The sheer source of energy all along the way.

Some fotos of 'The Marina'

Aerial ViewThe MarinaThe Tsunami


Blogger Sudhir said...

Are albatrosses really there at Marina sea shore???I doubt it. I think you have used the poetic imagination.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Sudhir said...

and ennadhu ideal place for love. Machi you also part of the 50 buck matter gang a? Sollave ille!

5:15 AM  
Blogger Tsu said...

the pics represent her as a messenger of destruction yet you have potrayed her as a supporter of love and life. why the contradicting images?
beautiful poem. I always loved the water and Marina beach has always been my fav. never in 18years tat I lived in Chennai have I been to Bessi... can u believ that?

5:35 PM  
Blogger sravan said...

@sudhir: am not sure abt d albatross, i remember readin they r deep sea birds, i have never been tat far. may b tz d poetic imagination, but i fell in love wth 'the ancient mariner'.
dei, enaku edhuku da 50 buck gang. pagal 2 manikku veyyil la kudai pidichu ukkarra gang la kooda nan illa man ;)

@tsu: tats strange. bessi is a must-visit, mebbe it was d first 18 yrs of ur life wen u were stuck 2 school wth a heavy backsack. i started goin 2 bessi only since coll, so ur case is quite believable. come over soon, i wil show u arnd :). the tsunami snap is juz d reality, marina isnt responsible 4r it neway. if nythn, tz juz a victim :(. while at tat, i cant 4gt d tsunami coz tats wen i had my first fracture, my left wrist broke at 2 places wen i tried 2 c watz hapenin 2 d sea frm my terrace and fell down.

12:38 AM  

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