Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some Crap

well, i have been wantin to write somethn here 4r a long time now, but juz cudn make my mind. weekends have never been so borin'. life seems like a paradox, weekdays seekin' weekends n weekends, its counterpart. Ever since al my frnds left Madras (yes, i wud stil like 2 cal my city wth tiz name, tho it has been so badly renamed as Chennai), I have been havin a tuf time killin time.

So, here I sit desperately wantin my fingers 2 waste some words in this page, but my mind juz doesn co-operate. It's gettin accustomed to this idle being and wel, u kno wat an idle mind is. So, I start thnkn of al crap 'n' ultimately end up getn in2 a damn bad state of mind towards d end of day. Wow! how gud it wil feel 2 ride along a breezy stretch of road in my bike. i wud stil like 2 do tat, but there shud b a destination rite? haan? n wel, tats wat i don have, a destination, a place I can aim 2 go 4r d weekends, wth someone i luv.

Is it my mistake tat I am in tiz damn lonely room in front of tiz idiot box version 2? Is it someone else's? I duno. But I would definitely luv if someone calls me out 4r a movie r 4r some crap conversation. My mobile has been displayin d screen saver ever since I saw it tiz monin first time. Tat means there r no msgs r cals. N y wil it b when tat has bcome d way of life? Guez d mobile has its own inertia 2 ...

I wana watch KingKong, but definitely not alone. Someone call me out...

[Watch out for more, I am realy lukin ahead 2 write some crap frm my mind in tiz cyber space]


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