Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To You, From Me

The first poem that I wrote for my wife, long before we were married. I can never forget that starry sleepless night that I spent in the Bangalore-Chennai train, gazing towards the distant looming mountains racing past me as I wrote this:

Sleepless stars in the thick of night
Oh my dear, I call your name ..
With some doubts and with some fright
Growth of love in the tiny flame!

Across the skies and over the fields,
Never go back leaving a hole,
Drill the wall and break the shields
Hate my hate to love my soul,
I stand weak against your cold.

Where are you on this dark dead night,
Why are you sleeping when I aint ..
The air is stiff and the head is light,
Sounds from the moon are still so faint,
You arent a nun and I no saint.

Distanced by vast space and oceans,
On grey clouds atop the lonely tree,
Fled my thoughts all set free ..
It smiled across light years,
Winding paths that were fierce.

You stood there with stretched hands;
Calling out my name, the sweet voice,
Going ahead was the only choice ..
I fled as I looked from the train,
Across shining lakes, sans restrain.

As time runs a rainbow of smiles,
Two worlds coming to be one,
Even across the miles,
the hearts have won!!


Blogger Vidya said...

gud one!! :).. u make a gud husband.. :)

4:03 AM  
Blogger Janani said...

very nice..i dnt know that u write poem...grt8

7:49 AM  

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